Your garage door opener is likely one of the most heavily used mechanisms in your home, as you use it multiple times a day when you enter and exit your home. However, many homeowners take their garage door opener for granted, and they do not think about the condition it is in until it breaks… Read More

Despite how effortlessly it opens, a garage door is extremely heavy. The reason it can open so easily is by using heavy-duty springs. There are two types of springs in every garage door: extension and torsion. They act as a balance that opens the door with ease, but with time, the weight of the door… Read More

Like anything with moving components, your garage door requires regular maintenance to keep it in good working order. Part of performing maintenance involves lubricating certain parts. Here’s a guide that will let you know which parts to lubricate and when. Rollers: Spray rollers with lubricating oil any time they begin squeaking or start to drag…. Read More

It is important to inspect your garage door regularly. By spending a few minutes each month, you can ensure your garage door is working properly and find any small problems before they get bigger. Here are several things to look for: Visually inspect your garage door: Look at your garage door carefully. Check to see… Read More

Garage doors play a vital role in many homes, and thus deserve proper care and maintenance. For most families, these doors are used as the main entrance to the house. This means they’re opened countless times every day, making them prone to great wear and tear. As such, you need to have them regularly checked… Read More