If you want to keep your garage door running smoothly, you should consider having your garage door inspected every year by a qualified technician.  A yearly inspection can save you money and ensure your garage door is running smoothly.  Here are several reasons why you should get a yearly inspection: Catch small problems before they… Read More

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It’s important to inspect your garage door every month. A monthly inspection ensures that your door is working properly. It also allows you to catch and fix small problems before they become bigger and more expensive repairs. Here are several things you should do when conducting a monthly garage door inspection.  Conduct a visual inspection   The… Read More

Any garage door you get is going to require some form of maintenance. There is just no getting around that. However, the type of garage door you get and the materials it is made out of can make all the difference. While you will still need to keep some parts lubricated, you can cut down… Read More