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It’s important to inspect your garage door every month. A monthly inspection ensures that your door is working properly. It also allows you to catch and fix small problems before they become bigger and more expensive repairs. Here are several things you should do when conducting a monthly garage door inspection. 

Conduct a visual inspection  

The first step is to inspect all the parts of your garage door. Check your garage door to see if there is any damage or rust. Examine your garage door tracks, rollers, cables, springs, mounting hardware, and any other components. If you see anything damaged, uneven, or loose, you may need to have it fixed. 

Open and close your garage door

Once you have conducted your visual inspection, you should open and close your garage door. Check to see if the door opens and closes without getting stuck. Make sure there aren’t any unusual noises while your garage door is running.  Also, make sure your door is opening and closing evenly.  

Run a reverse mechanism test

Most garage doors have automatic reverse mechanisms. You should test this monthly to make sure the system works properly.  Put a piece of wood, plastic, or other hard item under your open garage door. Lower the garage door. When the garage door hits the hard item, it should immediately reverse and start going back up. If it doesn’t, get it inspected immediately.   

Conduct a balance test

Disconnect your garage door and raise and lower the door manually. Are there any problems opening or closing it? Does the garage door stay open even without it being connected to the automatic opener?  

Call us if you have any problems

If there are any issues with your garage door, contact us today.  Our experienced technicians can inspect your garage and fix any problems that may come up.