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Sectional garage doors consist of several panels instead of just one. They often have four to seven sections. This type of door runs up and down tracks installed above and alongside the opening. It offers at least five major advantages:

  1. A sectional unit conserves space. It can successfully open and shut in a cramped location. This style also adds a bit more horizontal clearance inside of the building, making it possible to park a slightly wider vehicle without the risk of damage.
  2. Does your garage have a doorway opening that isn’t rectangular or square? If so, a sectional unit is desirable. It can accommodate many different shapes, such as domes and arches. This gives you more freedom to design a garage that matches your home and personal preferences.
  3. Sectional models generally ensure greater safety. They move straight up and down, reducing the risk that this equipment will hit someone while moving. On the other hand, single-panel units have extension springs; this component can break windows and inflict severe injuries if it fails.
  4. Because of these benefits, garage doors with multiple sections are more common than the alternatives in most parts of the nation. Consequently, it’s easier to locate installers who offer this product. You’re also more likely to find compatible replacement parts and automatic openers in your area.
  5. If panels suffer impact damage in an accident, break-in or severe storm, it will probably cost less to fix a sectional unit. You might only need to replace one or two panels rather than having to buy an entirely new door.

The process of installing a sectional door is complex and has the potential to be dangerous. If you want to add this equipment to your garage, our professional installers can help. Please contact us today for a competitive quote or further information.