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If you are in the market for a new garage door, you will find that you can actually save a bit of money by choosing a garage door without any extra insulation installed. You may wonder if you can actually get a better deal by choosing these garage doors or if insulation is a must. In truth, it depends on what you are using your garage for.

For most attached garages, you will typically want to choose either a garage door with insulation or a garage door that naturally insulates well, such as wood. A garage often acts as a buffer to your actual home. This means keeping the temperature regulated will help keep your home’s temperature regulated. It also keeps your furnace and water heater exteriors a season-appropriate temperature as well if they are installed in your garage. Obviously if you use your garage as an office or an actual living space, you will want top quality insulation to keep things comfortable.

While even light insulation on a garage door will have the benefits of lower energy costs for your heating and cooling, sound dampening, and even slight impact resistance, this doesn’t mean every home needs one. If you have a detached garage, unless you are storing something that needs temperature regulation, you don’t really need insulation. However, any attached garage, even if they don’t house your furnace or water heater still benefits from having that buffer of insulation to slow the heating and cooling loss that comes through the interior entrance.

If you want to cut costs when shopping for new garage doors, there are ways to keep things affordable. However, ultimately, you are making a once in a decade sort of purchase. You mind as well get something that will help you save money as much as possible during that time, and insulation can do just that. You can also choose to get insulation installed later when you have the budget to do so.

If you’re interested in learning about your options for garage door insulation, contact our team today!