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Despite how effortlessly it opens, a garage door is extremely heavy. The reason it can open so easily is by using heavy-duty springs. There are two types of springs in every garage door: extension and torsion. They act as a balance that opens the door with ease, but with time, the weight of the door wears out the springs and snaps.

Garage door springs need regular replacements to avoid inconveniences, damages and body injuries. When you need to repair or replace the door’s springs, seek an expert to perform the task. Here is what you need to know about the garage door mechanism.

Door Springs Repair

Torsion Spring:  The spring’s location is above the garage door, and they are stronger and longer than the extension springs.

Extension Springs: These springs are attached to the sides of the door and much smaller than the torsion springs.

Spring Operations

The garage door’s daily opening and closing operations are through the different motions of the springs that produce the force to lift the door. Torsion springs rotate in a steady, controlled motion which results in keeping the proper balance of the door so it smoothly opens and closes.

Extension springs operate by expanding and contracting to lift the doors, and these cause the door to jerk when in motion. The jerking effect caused by the extension springs eventually leaves the door out of adjustment.

Required Maintenance

Extension springs: These springs tend to wear out more than any other door opener parts. They contain intricate parts and a long cable, making lubrication more cumbersome.  The springs can be a safety hazard when they break, as they ricochet in any direction that may cause damage to the car or even bodily injuries.

Torsion springs: These parts are sturdier, and last longer than the extension springs. The torsion spring is easy to lubricate, and when it snaps, the broken part stays inside.

At R&S Doors, we offer garage door springs repair and replacement for homeowners and businesses. We are also a wholesale Torsion Spring Distributor with the highest quality products committed in serving, San Leandro, Oakland, San Jose, and Hayward, CA.

If you need to fix any garage door spring, contact us to schedule an appointment today with our trusted, knowledgeable and friendly staff.