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It is important to inspect your garage door regularly. By spending a few minutes each month, you can ensure your garage door is working properly and find any small problems before they get bigger. Here are several things to look for:

Visually inspect your garage door: Look at your garage door carefully. Check to see if there is any damage to the door or if the door looks uneven. Make sure to look at the door from both the inside and the outside.     

Inspect the other parts of your garage door: Once you finish looking at the door, check all the other equipment. Look over your garage door springs, mounting hardware, and any other parts. Does everything look okay? Are there worn out parts? Are there parts that are coming apart, rusted, or look like they might break? 

Run your garage door: Open and close your garage door a few times. Does the door open and close evenly? Does the door move up and down smoothly? Are there any unusual noises being made by the garage door? 

Check your garage door when it is disconnected from the garage door opener: Disconnect your garage door from the automatic opener. Manually open and close the door several times.  Are there any problems or does the door work smoothly? 

Check the safety features of your garage: There are a couple of tests you can run to check your garage door sensors.  First, open your garage door and place a hard object under the garage door.  The item should be about one inch tall (so it doesn’t automatically set off the sensor). Close the garage door. When the door touches the hard object, it should immediately reverse and go back up. Second, open your garage door and place an item under the door tall enough to be detected by the garage door sensors. Try to close your garage door. Your door should not close.  

If you find any problems with your garage door, contact us for service. Fixing little problems now will avoid more costly repairs and ensure that your garage door operates safely.