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Automatic gates can do a lot for your home or business. In addition to adding security and functionality to your home or business’s entry system, they also add to the overall visual appeal of your property. Gates, especially when made of wrought iron, add an air of elegance to your property’s façade, but only when proper care is taken.

In addition to regular inspections and tune-ups from a trusted service technician, there are a few maintenance practices that you can do on your own to keep your gate looking its best and moving as operationally as possible.

Check For Visitors

Automatic gates come with a mechanical box that houses electrical components that control your gate. Insects, birds, and small animals don’t necessarily understand the purpose of these boxes and prefer to use them as something of a hotel. As the “landlord” in this metaphor, it’s your job to kick out the unwanted guests!

Periodically, check in your gate’s box for any debris or animals, cleaning it out as necessary. Be sure to seal the box well when you close it, and your job will be done! Removing these things from the box will prevent any damage from occurring in your gate’s mechanics, keeping everything running smoothly!

Clean Up Regularly

A beautiful iron gate just oozes class. A gate with visible debris and dirt on it… not so much. Make a great first impression on guests by keeping your gate clean and well maintained. A water hose will usually be the best tool to remove small bits of dirt, but you may want to wax the gate every few months to keep it looking its best. Plus, regular waxing will help protect the exterior of the gate from weather or sun-related damage.

Grease Time

Any part of your home that moves will need to be lubricated here and there to prevent rust or irritating squeaks. Whether your automatic gate slides, swings, or tilts, the hinges should be generously greased to maintain smooth movement. When your gate moves easier, it reduces the stress on the motor to open and close it. This boosts the life of the system overall, so be sure to keep up with this task. If you’re not sure which lubricant is best for your gate, call one of our experts for their advice.

DIY maintenance can help your gate to look great and run smoothly, but it’s no substitute for professional care. Give us a call if your automatic gate is in need of service or repair!