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Are you thinking of installing carriage house garage doors? You may like the look of carriage house doors, but aren’t certain if you should install them. Here are a few facts about carriage house garage doors: 

There are two types of carriage house doors. The first type is overhead. Overhead doors are designed to look like a carriage house garage door, but work with an overhead garage door opener. These doors are usually cheaper and easier to install than doors that swing out because you are only replacing the existing garage door. Overhead carriage style garage doors come in a wide variety of materials, colors, and styles, so you can choose the design that fits your house. 

The second type of carriage house door is the type that swing out. Installing these doors is usually more work than replacing an overhead garage door. If you are interested in installing carriage house doors that swing out, there are several things to think about:    

You will be replacing your entire garage door system: If you are converting an overhead garage door system to doors that swing out, you will have to replace all the components in your garage door system. This leads to increased costs and installation time.  

You need space for doors that swing out: If you are looking to install doors that swing out, you will need to have extra space on each side of your garage for the doors to open. Because of the space requirement, these doors cannot be installed on every garage.   

Carriage house doors provide more overhead storage: Carriage house doors provide more overhead storage than overhead garage door openers because they get rid of the garage door tracks and the overhead garage door opener. If you are looking to add storage above your garage or need a higher clearance due to the height of your cars, carriage style doors may be a great option. 

If you are thinking of installing carriage style garage doors, contact us today. Our technicians will be happy to discuss your options and figure out the best carriage house door for your garage.