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If you believe you have a broken spring, Please call us immediately to have your springs replaced and door properly serviced.

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R&S Doors has been replacing garage door springs for over 35 years. Our trained technicians carry most types and sizes of garage door springs so we can repair your garage door right the first time. We repair both torsion spring systems for sectional overhead garage doors and extension springs for one piece solid flip up doors.

Do you have a heavy wood garage door?

R&S also makes custom springs so we can do any residential garage door spring replacement, including custom wood carriage house door springs. R&S Doors carries both torsion springs and extension springs.

Torsion Springs

The torsion system usually sits above your garage door on the garage door header. The torsion springs are installed on a torsion tube that sits inside 3 plates with bearings. These bearings enable the springs to turn the tube to lift or close the door. At each end are drums with cables that are attached to the bottom of the door. This torsion system lifts the door from the bottom, enabling the door to move smoothly with or without a garage door operator.

Only certified technicians should wind garage door torsion springs. Torsion springs when installed are under high tension. Your service technician will use the proper size torsion springs to handle the weight and height of your garage door. Improper installation or incorrect sized torsion springs may cause damage to your garage door, property or even cause serious injury.

If your garage door motor or garage door is making unusual noises or is louder than before, your garage door springs may be failing. Please call R&S Doors to schedule an appointment today

  • OAKLAND – 510.483.9700
  • SAN LEANDRO – 510.483.9700
  • HAYWARD – 510.489.6881
  • SAN JOSE – 408.254.3667

Broken garage door spring


Installed torsion springs


Extension Springs

If you have a solid one piece wood door your extension springs are installed on both sides of your garage door. These springs are attached to heavy duty hinge arms and require a safety clip to keep broken springs from causing property damage. It is highly recommended to replace ALL springs at once whether you have a 2 or 4 spring set up. \Mixing old and new springs can throw off the balance of these flip up doors and cause damage to garage door openers. As with torsion springs, only certified trained technicians should replace extension springs on your garage door.