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Like anything with moving components, your garage door requires regular maintenance to keep it in good working order. Part of performing maintenance involves lubricating certain parts. Here’s a guide that will let you know which parts to lubricate and when.

Spray rollers with lubricating oil any time they begin squeaking or start to drag. Just be sure to avoid getting lubricant on the nylon wheels, as this could cause the material to break down.

You should clean your garage door tracks at least twice a year to get rid of dirt and debris. Be sure to oil the tracks each time you clean them, or more often if the rollers seem to get stuck. After spraying with oil, raise and lower your garage door a few times to ensure the lubricant is evenly distributed.

Hinges will also require lubrication at least twice each year. Oil them at the same time you lubricate your garage door tracks, or whenever they become difficult to operate. You should only lubricate steel or aluminum hinges. The chemicals in spray lubricant could cause plastic or vinyl ones to break down.

Torsion springs are responsible for doing your garage door’s heavy lifting. They also accumulate dirt and grime just like your tracks do. As such, you should clean them on a regular basis, preferably at least two or three times per year. Spray them with lubricant each time, but only use a light spritz. You need just enough to cover your springs, but should not use so much that fluid runs out from around the coils.Keeping your garage door well lubricated will extend its life, ensure smooth operation, and reduce the number of repairs that are needed. If you do need repairs or are interested in a garage door replacement, please contact us.