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Any garage door you get is going to require some form of maintenance. There is just no getting around that. However, the type of garage door you get and the materials it is made out of can make all the difference. While you will still need to keep some parts lubricated, you can cut down on extra garage door maintenance if you want something simple and functional.

When looking to choose a low maintenance garage door, you need to consider two factors – material and garage door type.

If you are remodeling your garage, building a new garage, or are open to a redesign, you may wish to forgo traditional roll-up style garage doors and choose a carriage style for less maintenance. As this garage door swings open instead of rolls up, it requires less moving parts. No springs that might break if not maintained and no rollers and tracks that might wear down over time. Essentially, it has less parts that could potentially break and thus requires less maintenance.

As well as the style, you need to give consideration to the materials. A wood garage door looks very nice, but it is something that will need to be sanded and repainted every few years to keep that way. If neglected, it can rot, warp, and become infested with insects. Alternatively, you may want to choose steel, aluminum, fiberglass, or even wood composite.

Each of the above material has various pros and cons, but are all relatively low maintenance. Usually the biggest worry with all the above is denting rather than the typical rotting and splitting problem that can happen with wood. You may also be concerned about rust with steel or aluminum doors, and yes, they may require repainting someday to prevent that. However, the protective paint often lasts much longer than the paint on wood. If you never want to repaint at all, you will probably want to pick composite or fiberglass garage doors.

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