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Garage doors play a vital role in many homes, and thus deserve proper care and maintenance. For most families, these doors are used as the main entrance to the house. This means they’re opened countless times every day, making them prone to great wear and tear. As such, you need to have them regularly checked for repairs. As a homeowner, here are the top reasons why you should never neglect routine garage door repair and maintenance:

Helps Minimize Injuries Caused by Faulty Garage Doors

Many cases of accidents are a result of faulty garage doors. According to the recent survey by the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS), nearly 20,000 people suffer garage door injuries every year. These accidents can occur in different ways, such as getting injured when a loosely-fixed garage door falls on you, or one of your fingers getting trapped between the door sections. To minimize such accidents, you need to conduct timely garage door inspections and repairs.

Helps Enhance Your Home’s Security

Your home is the most valuable asset you can ever have. And as such, you’ll never want your home’s security compromised at any given time. So, timely inspections can help detect those garage doors that are weak and need to be worked on. For instance, a garage door that reverses after opening might be having an issue with the security sensors.  Therefore, it’s good to have the doors checked regularly so that such issues and many more can be addressed on time.

Helps Prevent Your Car from Damage

Your car can actually be in danger while inside your garage. If, for instance, your garage door has the tendency of reversing after opening, then it’s likely to slam your car when parking or heading out. And as a result, you’ll incur additional expenses of repairing your vehicle. To avoid all this, just make sure inspections and repairs of your garage doors are carried out in a timely manner.

Helps Avoid Major Repairs

If regular repairs and inspections of your garage doors are carried out, you’ll definitely avoid costly major repairs. Truly, routine maintenance of the garage doors is cost-effective compared to replacing the entire system. So, you should not ignore any minor fix you detect to avoid costly repairs in the future.

A great way to keep your home safe and secure is by carrying out routine garage door repair and maintenance. Regular inspections will not only help fix the minor issues early in advance, but will also let you know which door functions require an upgrade. If you’re looking for a specialist to repair your garage door, we encourage you to contact us here at R&S Doors. We’re here to help!