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Whether you require credential management for large-scale industrial environments, high-traffic access points, parking facilities, or touch-less access applications, R&S offers card readers, key FOBs, access cards and keypads that can cater to your specific needs. Experience heightened security, compliance with regulations, and improved operational efficiency with our advanced access systems.

Manufacturers R&S installs & services:

Card Readers

R&S carries a wide range of card readers, access cards, key FOBs and more. Call or email us today and let us recommend the best solution for your application!


AWID combines proprietary and best-available technology with design expertise in antenna, radio frequency (RF), and communication systems to create the best of the breed RFID products and offer professional engineering services. AWID excels at providing RFID knowledge for myriad applications and satisfying customers’ challenging requirements. 


Organizations of any size require dependable, innovative access control systems to secure their facilities. For decades, HID has helped millions of people easily access offices, hospitals, classrooms and more. From entry-level smart card technologies to modern solutions like HID Mobile Access, HID’s mission is to help your organization find the best access control solution.

Secura Key

Secura Key specializes in manufacturing complete multi-door access control systems – including access control panels, software, card access readers, cards, keytags and accessories. Stand-alone readers for single-door keyless entry applications are also available.


An easy way to add credentialed access to any access point!

Linear MDKP

Exterior Wireless Keypad

The Model MDKP Exterior Wireless Keypad can transmit a unique signal for each 1-6 digit PIN code entered. It has a built-in radio transmitter with a 250-foot range in line-of-sight conditions. Access codes are programmed into the access controller or receiver, the maximum number of codes possible depends on the receiver model used.

To operate the MDKP, a user simply enters a PIN followed by the # key, and the code is transmitted to the receiver for validation. Downlighting can be turned on by pressing the # key twice; it remains on for 30 seconds or until a code is sent. The MDKP can be mounted on either a wall or a gooseneck.

  • Internal antenna
  • 1-6 digit PIN for each user
  • Long life lithium battery
  • Rugged cast aluminum housing
  • Built-in downlight
  • Power: 9-volt lithium battery
  • Codes: 1,000,000+ (MegaCode format)
  • RF frequency: 318 MHz
  • Dimensions: 4″ W x 7″ H x 3″ D

Linear AK-11

Exterior Digital Keypad

The Model AK-11 Exterior Digital Keypad is a self-contained keyless entry system ideal for airports, hospitals, warehouses, office buildings, parking lots, and many other commercial facilities.

Rugged, cast aluminum enclosure for indoor or outdoor mounting on a wall or pedestal.

  • Four independent outputs and timers
  • Two form C relays and two solid-state open collector outputs
  • Unique programming per entry code
  • Up to 480 programmable input codes of one to six digits with each code activating either or both relays
  • Two LED indicators show system status
  • Door sense input
  • Inhibit input
  • Request-to-exit input
  • Alarm shunt output
  • Timed anti-passback
  • Keypad lockout
  • Programmable courtesy light illuminates keypad for 1, 2, 3, or 4 minutes
  • Tactile and audible feedback
  • Keylock secures keypad to mounting backplate
  • Dimensions 4″ W x 5.5″ H x 3″ D

LiftMaster KPW250

Wireless Keypad

  • Perfect For Larger Commercial Applications Or Gated Entrance For A Small Business.
  • Flexible Setup For Multiple Users With 250 Permanent PINs And 10 Unique Temporary PINs.
  • Programs to All LiftMaster Gate and Door Operators.
  • Manual Gate Operation* With Constant Pressure Override Feature.

*Only available when paired with LiftMaster UL 325 Listed Gate Operators with burgundy control boards.

  • Easy to Use and See Cool Blue Backlit Metal Keys.
  • Increased Convenience Party Mode** Allows Flexibility For Guest Management. ** Party Mode (Gate Hold Open) Feature On All LiftMaster Gate Operators With New Firmware 4.2
  • Time Saving Easy Wireless Installation, No Added Cost For Wires.
  • Greater Control Constant Pressure Override Provides A Simple, Keypad-Based Method To Manually Operate Gate Securely Until Service Technician Arrives.
  • Designed to Withstand Outdoor Environments Weatherproof to Withstand Tough Outdoor Environments With Fully Sealed Electronics Meeting NEMA 4X Water-Protection Requirements.
  • Extended Battery Life 9V Lithium Battery Provides Extended Life In Harsh Temperatures.
  • Protects from Unwanted Entry PINs Can Be Set For 1-9 Uses Each And Can Easily Remove A Single PIN While Maintaining Full Access For Other Users.
  • Additional Protection Keyed Lock Provides Easy Installation And Protects Electronics Including Completely Enclosed Internal Antenna Maintaining Vandal Resistance And Range Performance.
  • Versatile Placement Safeguards access to property with an encrypted signal to offer extended range with Security+2.0.
  • Local User Capacity: 250
  • Operating Temperature: -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C)
  • Max Number Of Gates/Doors of control (Each): 1
  • Stand Alone: Yes
  • Accessory Warranty: 1 year