Garage Door and Operator Repair

Springs and spring hardware are under high tension, and repairing your garage door yourself can be dangerous! R&S technicians have the factory repair parts on hand, and attend regular training seminars to keep up to date on all safety standards and best repair techniques. Call us for residential door service.

Common issues

  • Broken springs
  • Door won’t open / close
  • Door goes part way and goes back up
  • Door was hit by car
  • Damaged sections
  • Remotes don’t work
  • Blown capacitor
  • Lights don’t come on or stay on too long
  • Etc.

Frequently asked questions

My door only opens about a foot and slams back down. I heard a loud bang and now my door won’t open.

You probably have a broken spring.  It is very important to call a qualified technician for this type of service, as it can be very dangerous without the right tools and expertise.

All of my remotes quit working.

Check the lock button on your wall control panel. This feature, sometimes called “Vacation Mode”, prevents the remote controls from communicating with your garage door opener. Press and hold the lock button for 3 seconds to turn it off – this will fix the issue in most cases.

The motor runs but the door won’t move.

Make sure the operator didn’t become disengaged. If you can lift your door by hand without pulling on the red release cord, then it is disengaged. Re-engage the door by pulling the red release cord, open the door half way, and press the wall control panel button. It should automatically engage itself. If it doesn’t, see your owner’s manual for more details.

Here is a video for help

If it is not disengaged, then the issue may be coming from a stripped gear or carriage – depending on the type of motor you have. Call an expert for this type of service to ensure it is properly repaired.

The door makes a screeching sound when it opens and closes.

It might be time for a service, lube and adjust if you haven’t had one in a while.

Try lubing the moving parts of the door with a silicone spray.

If you have old steel ball bearing rollers, it might be time to replace them with new nylon coated bearing rollers to quiet the door down.

There is a gap under my door.

Depending on the type of door, it might need a limit adjustment or even a new astragal. Check your concrete.  It may be uneven, causing gaps along the bottom.

The door starts to go down then reverses and goes back up and the lights start blinking.

Your safety sensors are out of alignment. Here is a video for help

Service & Maintenance

As a homeowner, you can perform some garage door system safety and maintenance tasks yourself. If you aren’t comfortable performing these tasks, ask a trained R&S service technician to help!

A Service, Lube and Adjust visit will include:

  • Tighten all nuts and bolts
  • Lube all hinges, rollers, bearings, springs
  • Check door balance and adjust as necessary
  • Check all safety devices for proper operation
  • Assess weather seals and replace as needed
  • Examine the cables for wear and fraying
  • Check and reset operator limits as needed
  • Lube motor rail
  • Test all remotes and wall button

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