R&S offers service to all types of commercial rolling doors, hollow metal doors, glass storefront doors and dock equipment. We are a one-stop shop for your business’ doors and docks.

Our technicians attend regular hands-on training to keep up to date on today’s technology. We are proud to be affiliated with and accredited by the Institute of Door Dealer Education and Accreditation, an independent, non-profit educational and credentialing organization for the door and access systems industry.

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Custom engineering capabilities allow many standard R&S Manufacturing, Inc rolling door products to be adapted for special uses including:

  • Combination Door and Grilles (for ventilation and visibility)
  • Crane Doors (for T-shaped openings)
  • Aircraft Hanger Tail-Section Doors
  • Cabinet Enclosures (with curved or inclined guides)
  • Horizontal Covers (over openings in floors or ceilings)
Common Commercial Door Problems
  • Door stuck open
  • Door will not open
  • Dock plate lip broken
  • Broken spring
  • Remotes / wall button doesn’t work
  • Damaged sections
  • Door hit by forklift
  • Damaged slat
  • Entry door slamming shut
  • Etc.

Maintenance is the key to keeping your commercial doors and dock equipment running smooth.  We offer a Preventative Maintenance (PM) service to keep repair costs down. With the R&S PM plan, you choose how often and we do the rest. 

Leave the planning and care to us!

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Picking the right PM plan for your doors

How much use do they get? The more use the more often it should be maintained.

How big are your doors? Large, heavy, high use doors should be maintained more than smaller ones.

Is it a fire door? Fire doors are required to be test fired once a year by a professional.

A preventative maintenance plan with R&S…

  • Saves you money by helping to eliminate larger more costly problems before they start.
  • Keeps your business running efficiently by keeping your doors and docks up and running with less down time.
  • Safety first!  Commercial rolling doors and dock equipment can be a safety nightmare if not properly maintained.